Move, Tone Up
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10 Minute Total Body Toning

Getting those muscle to POP does not have to be as time consumings as you think. Here is a routine to get you going in just 10 minutes for a few times per week.  Grab a set of medium to heavy weights (8 – 15 for women and 20 – 30 for men) and set the clock for 10 minutes.  There is only 1 circuit that is a series of smaller moves.  Each smaller movement incorporates each major muscle group.  Get a good pace with the counts below and HIT it!

Start by standing with feet parallel, knees slightly bend, and hips tucked in order to engage the abs.  Here you go…

1 bicpe curl
2 goal post arms
3 press to overhead extension
4 goal post arms
5 arms together bending in front of face
6 raise arms up parallel to face
7 return arms down together
8 goal post arms
9 elbows to waist with arms standing bend at 90 degrees
10 bend over at waist while rotating forearm to parallel with hips
11 Tricep kick back
12 return from kick back
13 stand straight and drop arms by side
14 arms to upright row
15 arms down by side
16 wrists only rotate up
17 wrists rotate down
18 RIGHT leg to back lunge
19 pulse down in lunge
20 pulse down in lunge
21 shift forward to raise RIGHT leg behind
22 return to standing
23 LEFT leg to back lunge
24 pulse down in lunge
25 pulse down in lunge
26 shift forward to raise LEFT leg behind
27 return to standing
28 deep center squat
29 push up from squat
30 heel raise

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