Cooking’s Secret Weapon

If you read a few of my recipes, you will see that a couple spices and herbs continue to make their way into the mix time and time again. All of these spices are amazing to have on hand when you are either cooking from a recipe or when freelancing it by throwing a fresh veggie into a pan or putting meat in the oven to roast. These guys are calorie, carb, and fat free! (Salt is obviously not a free-for-all. You do not want to go over board with this guy.) So favor your food robustly and watch your satiety skyrocket!



Himalayan (pink) salt

Sea salt

Black pepper

Garlic powder

Onion powder

Chili powder

Red pepper flakes


Ground ginger

Cayenne pepper


Celery salt

Curry powder

Curry powder

Old Bay

Bay Leaves





Italian blend

Herbs de Provence blend





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