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Move It or Lose It Monday! Total Body Jam

The growing research confirms that sitting all day is TERRIBLE for your health. While you sit at your computer, tv, or in your car for hours upon hours a day, small changes within your body start to take shape. The blood begins to pool in your extremities which means nutrients and oxygen are not getting distributed properly. As a result, your energy and alertness levels decline. Your body does not have the metabolic rate that it does when standing or moving; thus, your waist line (or hips, thighs….) increase. Blood sugar, triglyceride, and low-density lipoproteins (that is the bad cholesterol) have been shown to be higher in those that sit more hours per day. And if this was not enough, even if you bust it with 30 minutes or more of exercise per day, sitting for the majority of the day will COMPLETELY negate your workout. Talk about a BUMMER!

The good news is that only 3 – 5 minutes can combat 55 minutes of siting. So…. This week we are going to combine multiple moves we have accomplished in weeks past and get an awesome total body burner.

Minute 1: Heel Raises

First, stand up with feet hips width distance. If you are able to do this barefoot, go for it. This will allow for greater range of motion. Raise both heels at the same time for 30 seconds. Repeat this  for 30 more seconds with toes turned out and heels touching.

Minute 2: Pelvic Tilts

Continue standing. The basic move is to curve your pelvic bones from an arched lower back position to a curved lower back position. Think as if you are first trying to stretch your back by using your abs to move the top and bottom parts of your pelvic bones in opposite directions. For the first 30 seconds, tilt towards the center. The next 30, alternate tilts between the right and left.

Minute 3: The Fish

Continue in standing position. Extend your arms straight overhead with fingers interlocked. From the rib cage, bend up and over to the right. The idea is to feel the movement coming up from your hands, straight to the ceiling, and then over at an angle. Be sure you keep your hips still. The fish is a static hold to engage the intrinsic muscles of the core. Hold to the right for the first 30 and then left for the second 30 seconds.

Minute 4: Kick Backs

Shift your weight so you are standing on your left leg and bring you right foot behind you with a 90-degree bend of the knee. Your shin should be parallel to the ground. Now take the arch out of your back by pulling in your abs. Start to kick your right foot behind you. You should feel this motion coming from the underside of your buttock. The movement will be very small but you will see huge impact. Kick the right leg back for 30 seconds then alternate to the left.

Minutes 5: Scapula Pulls

You can perform these moves standing for this round. The basic move is very simplistic. Draw your shoulders up towards your ears. Using your back muscles that you feel underneath your shoulder blades, pull your shoulders back down. You will access the same muscles for scapula circles. Perform 30 seconds of straight up and down pulls followed by 30 seconds of scapula circles.


5-Minute Total Body Jam

0:00-0:30: Heel raises, feet facing front and parallel

0:30-1:00: Heel raises, toes turned out with heel touching

1:00-1:30: Pelvic tilts to center

1:30-2:00: Pelvic tilts alternating right and left sides

2:00-2:30: Fish to right, arms overhead and extend upper body to right

2:30-3:00: Fish to left, arms overhead and extend upper body to left

3:00-3:30: Kick back with the right

3:30-4:00: Kick back with the left

4:00-4:30: Scapula pulls, raise shoulders up and down

4:30-5:00: Scapula circles, draw circles with shoulders


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