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Food For Thought: Food Policy

In honor of the upcoming elections, I am sharing a little FOOD FOR THOUGHT. While you will hear much about immigration, economics, and national security in the debates, you are not going to hear about something I believe is even more important than health care. Its our food supply! Below is a statement from one of my favorite Top Chefs: Tom Colicchio.   {Excerpt from The Wall Street Journal: “Tom Colicchio” by Alexandra Wolfe} “What he [Tom Colicchio] really wants to do now is change the way people eat. With his nonprofit Food Policy Action, he is hoping to persuade Americans that food policy should be more prominent in politics. “The idea of food up to a leave of the Second Amendment and reproduction rights?” he says. The problem, he adds, is that “calories are cheap. Nutrition is expensive.” His goal is to have the government make policy changes that direct farm subsidies away from commodity crops like corn (which often goes into processed food) and toward more fruits and vegetables, to make produce less expensive …

Move Towards the Positive… with your Nutrition!

I think it is sometimes so hard to focus on ambitious goals of clean eating day in day out because we cannot get out of the negative thought patterns. I know this sounds a bit hippie dippity, but go with me here. We acknowledge in our rational minds that sodas, breads, processed meats (and the list goes on and on) are BAD and we need to not eat the BAD today. Today, we are going to be 100% GOOD today and not BAD at all. The reality is that our brains find it hard to make this conscious switch so fast. Negative thought patterns continue to rapid fire in our noggin. We think pizza is bad, no pizza today…. But dang it all I want is pizza. You focus so much on the pizza that you cannot formulate thoughts on how good a salad of fresh sliced tomatoes are going to be when you add creamy mozzarella, basil, and really delicious extra virgin olive oil.  Pizza (or insert your personal negative thought here) becomes the …

Food For Thought

When your dog is having an issue and being treated by a veterinarian, the first question the vet will ask is “What have you been feeding your dog?”. Why is it that human doctors do not have the same practice?  Why is it so incredibly important for our dogs but not US?  I just asking…. 

Food for Thought

Why is it that cattle ranchers know to feed their cattle grains in the last days so they will increase their fat storage significantly and fatten up for the slaughter house?  Do we not think it is having the same effect on our body? How did we miss this memo?

Living up to the Savage Standard

Being healthy and happy is the life goal of most people, right?  For my job security and sanity sake, I honestly hope so.  I believe that there is clear evidence to support my argument.  Follow the money and examine the billions of dollars spent each year on diet books, gym memberships, and weight loss supplements.  We put our money where our interest lies… and clearly the health and wellness industry is at the top of our priority list. The evil flip side to this is that as a society we are NOT getting healthier. Our waist lines are continuing to grow as we lose faith in our ability to achieve the utopia of being a happy, excited about life, jump out of bed first thing in the morning kind of person.  And I’m using the plural here because I have been there.  I, myself as a dreamer, have been there quite a number of times.  For example, the gluten fad hits and I think, “Man, this is going to be the magic bullet that stops …