My Nutshell

Wife. Mom (to the world’s best doggie in the world!). Small town Mississippi girl.  God fearing. Alabama football nut (RMFT!). Calling Nashville home these days. Nutritionist (licensed and registered dietitian to be exact). Fitness Coach. Ex-ballerina and oh yeah ex-Disney performer. Happier than ever.

I am blessed that I know what my passion is.  I am blessed to share my passion with others and hopefully help others live their best life possible.  I am blessed that this is my life’s work. AND, I am blessed that my past has lead me here.  As I was cruising around the Atlantic (this is were my history with Disney comes in), I knew that this journey I was on was not mine.  I spent countless hours on the deck doing a bit of soul searching.  Two very ironic scenarios kept replaying in my head.  First personal history point: I grew up on a multiple-thousand acre farm in west Mississippi; and, honestly, I did not know what a fresh fruit or vegetable looked like. I thought green beans always came in the can. There was only one kind of lettuce and that was iceberg. We had the occasional corn field but that was it.  So much land, nothing to eat. And here is the kicker, pretty much everyone around me was overweight and/or sick.

Next irony: I spent the last four years of my life in a leotard and tights, studying dance, and analyzing every inch of my body in the mirror. Hating some parts of it, not minding others, but definitely not loving any. I wasn’t alone in the dance world.  We all thought the same way: If we wanted to make it as a dancer, how your body looks and moves is your gig.  So you either did what you had to do was necessary to get it that way or you were cut.  No questions asked.  But, dang it, I was so so hungry!  Anorexia was too hard of a game for me. I was lucky that I never crossed the line to having a full blown eating disorder; however, it was just around the corner.  Light bulb coming on, insert here.  I needed to figure this whole food and body issue out and then I needed to tell all my friends.

Graduate school, check.  Personal training experience, check.  Corporate wellness work, check. So Friends…. here we go!


  1. Shirley Joyner says

    Just ran across your your recipes. Fixing to try Pumpkin Pecan Muffins. Thank you..N.C


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