Personal Consulting + Training

I am available for one-on-one or family consulting. Consultations will include a combination of nutritional recommendations and physical fitness recommendations. The first session will be a thorough 90-minute appointment.  I will educate you on various factors that may be contributing to your current state of health, and offer actionable ideas for you to implement, so that you can start working consciously and effectively towards your desired  goals immediately. Bonus, I will come to YOU and meet you in your home! This provides not only you the convenience of not leaving your home but gives me an awesome view of how you eat and live.

A complimentary 30-minute appointment will follow one to two weeks following the initial visit to understand progress and further develop future action steps.

Consultations are scheduled by email at  For residents of Nashville, Tennessee, in-home consultation is available.

Pre- and postnatal personal training packages available as well. All fitness training will be performed in person and in home.


Healthy Pre and Postnatal Consultation: $150 (90-120 minute session with complimentary follow-up)

Optimal Nutrition & Fitness Coaching Packages:

4 Sessions: $350

10 Sessions: $800

Optimal Fit Packages (Personal Training Only):

4 Sessions: $250

10 Sessions: $500

At this time, I do not take insurance; however, I am happy to provide detailed billing for possible insurance reimbursement.




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