Food For Thought: Food Policy

In honor of the upcoming elections, I am sharing a little FOOD FOR THOUGHT. While you will hear much about immigration, economics, and national security in the debates, you are not going to hear about something I believe is even more important than health care. Its our food supply! Below is a statement from one of my favorite Top Chefs: Tom Colicchio.


{Excerpt from The Wall Street Journal: “Tom Colicchio” by Alexandra Wolfe}

“What he [Tom Colicchio] really wants to do now is change the way people eat. With his nonprofit Food Policy Action, he is hoping to persuade Americans that food policy should be more prominent in politics. “The idea of food up to a leave of the Second Amendment and reproduction rights?” he says. The problem, he adds, is that “calories are cheap. Nutrition is expensive.”

His goal is to have the government make policy changes that direct farm subsidies away from commodity crops like corn (which often goes into processed food) and toward more fruits and vegetables, to make produce less expensive for consumer. Other changes he’d like to see are healthier school lunches and labels for foods that contain genetically modified ingredients.”