Thirty Thursdays!

What’s on tap for Thirsty Thursday (and every day for that matter):  San Pellegrino! San Pellegrino is a mineral water with carbonation or bubbles. The refreshing drink in not only fun to add to mixed drinks but also doubles a mineral supplement. Here are my top 5 reasons why I love The Pellegrino.

Its mineral content is incredibly high, specifically in sulfur. When taken in the liquid form, sulfur is a highly useful mineral whose benefits are vast but include muscle, joint, and nervous system support, as well as, a detoxifying agent.

It is sourced from 3 natural springs in Italy. So, basically you are so freaking FANCY when you have a bottle! In fact, the “San” in its name translates to “Saint” for its healing and miracle like abilities.

No sugars, no additives, no artificial sweeteners, no chemicals… that is reason enough. Fantastic alternative to soft drinks, regular or diet.

In addition to the sulfur, San Pellegrino also contains magnesium, calcium, sodium, and lithium. These minerals support just about ALL of your bodily functions are are especially needed after a good sweat. Ditch the Gatorade.

Add the Pellegrino to lime juice, agave nectar (non-gmo), tequila, and a splash of triple sec for one hell of a fresh MARGARITA!

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